What is the Kern Community Mentoring AmeriCorps program?
Under a grant administered by California Volunteers and sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service, the Kern County Superintendent of Schools (KCSOS) operates a program through which AmeriCorps members provide high-quality mentorships to disadvantaged youths in Kern County schools. The mentorship program was established as part of The California Endowment’s 10-year Building Healthy Communities initiative that invested in 14 underserved, geographically- and ethnically-diverse communities throughout the state, including South Kern. The effort to implement school-based mentoring in disadvantaged communities has been carried on ever since.

What is Kern Community Mentoring about?
Kern Community Mentoring begins from the fundamental starting point that strong, sustained, positive relationships between young people and caring adults can have a profound impact on the social, emotional, and academic growth of students. The mentors meet with each mentee at least once a week throughout the school year with structured activities designed around the needs and interests of the individual, helping them to develop to their fullest potential and to their own vision for the future.

What are the expected outcomes from this program?
The program expects to see (1) improved school attendance and a decrease in disciplinary actions among youth; (2) a corps of skilled and motivated Members who are integrated into their communities as leaders and who intend to remain committed to community service; and (3) a group of mentees and volunteers who are more committed to civic engagement and improving the conditions of their communities. Accordingly, we hope to see improved academic performance with targeted youth.

Our Mission:

“As advocate for children, we provide leadership, education, and support for students, school districts, and the community through programs, services, and fiscal accountability.”

About Kern County Superintendent of Schools (KCSOS)
Established in 1866, KCSOS is the county office of education that provides fiscal and instructional leadership to educators, students and the community for the county’s 47 school districts.